• Reflexology can help you

    Would you like to feel more relaxed? Need help with a specific health issue? Then why not try reflexology.

  • Give your fertility a boost

    Reflexology can support your fertility. Whether you’re trying naturally or having IVF Reflexology can give you a boost.


Specialist Pregnancy Support Reflexology can give you a real boost when you’re pregnant by helping your body rebalance itself, as it changes rapidly through each month. It can also assist your post natal recovery. Reflexology can help you with general relaxation and assist with the relief of pregnancy related issues. Generally, it is advisable to start reflexology prior to pregnancy or from the second trimester (13 weeks), during this time it’s great for general relaxation. Throughout your pregnancy you should be comfortable during treatment and from 20 weeks you will sit up during your session.


Give your fertility a boost Reflexology can support your fertility. Whether you’re considering parenthood for the first (or subsequent) time or have been trying for a while, reflexology can benefit you. It works with your body to restore balance and can help to create the right environment for conception. As the Association of Reflexologists explains ‘on average about 50% of clients seeking help through reflexology for infertility, find themselves pregnant within 6 months of commencing treatment.’ Whether you are trying naturally or are having IVF, the balancing, calming effects of can help the body to overcome hormonal imbalances.According to Infertility Network UK (www.infertilitynetworkuk.com, 2008) “Reflexology


Once your pregnancy is ‘full term’ labour priming methods are introduced to your treatment. At this time specialist techniques can be used to help support the natural induction of labour. These therapeutic techniques can be used gently from 37 weeks to promote and support you and your baby as you both prepare for birth. As you head towards 40 weeks stronger stimulating techniques are introduced working on specific reflex areas to encourage a boost of energy and the onset of labour. It is recommended that between one to three treatments are undertaken to benefit from the cumulative effect of reflexology. The minimum time between session