Reflexology for Fertility

If you’re trying to conceive you’ll know all about the stress and anxiety that trying for a baby can cause. It’s taxing both emotionally and in many cases financially. Now, scientific research being undertaken in Plymouth may reveal that Reflexology is as successful as IVF.

Can Reflexology help fertility?

According to Andrea Perry ( ‘An increasing number of women claim this popular type of foot massage has helped them conceive. Now a medical study has been launched to discover if the claims are true.’

In the study, 150 volunteers will be offered reflexology rather than the fertility drug clomifene, which is usually used to bring on ovulation. It works in approximately 70 per cent of patients.

The volunteers will each receive eight treatments over a two to three month period. So that the trial can reviewed scientifically, only the Reflexologist will know if patients have received real or ‘dummy’ treatment.

Reflexology aims to restore balance to the body through stimulating specific points on the feet. These areas are associated with your organs, when treating infertility we stimulate reproductive areas such as the ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

In my experience the best time for a reflexology session is mid cycle, the calming, restorative abilities are perfect at this important time. If stress is stopping a patient getting pregnant and Reflexology can reduce stress it makes sense that it supports conception, especially at ovulation time.

The results of the study are yet to be made available. Anecdotally, I have helped many of my patients conceive and have seen the proof for myself in my clinic. Of course, success depends on lots of factors, many out of the Reflexologist’s hands, but the treatment feels great and at the very least you’ll feel really relaxed, a rare treat in a busy world.

About Happy Soles Reflexology

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