Reflexology Induction

Let’s face it the latter stages of any pregnancy are usually a little tiring to say the least. Your body has expanded to proportions you could never have believed – you can no longer see your own toes! Naturally, your focus turns to thoughts of meeting your new bundle of joy.

How can Reflexology help with labour?

At the very least Reflexology is a wonderful relaxing foot massage! At the very most, it can have very positive effects on your health. It’s one of the most practised complementary health therapies in the UK and is commonly recommended by midwifes to support natural induction. It works using the principle that the whole body can be supported by applying pressure to specific areas on the feet. So, to assist natural induction treatment focuses on the areas that help the body as it prepares for labour.

5 things to know about Reflexology for natural induction

• Gentle labour priming can start from 37 weeks, from 40 weeks, when baby is fully cooked, stronger stimulating techniques can be applied
• Attention is focussed on areas of the body (via the foot obviously!) involved in birthing such as the uterus and the pituitary gland – the oxcytocin factory
• Treatment is cumulative, after 40 weeks you can have sessions daily if you choose to
• You can continue Reflexology techniques yourself after your session
• It’s regularly recommended by midwives and can work well in combination with conventional treatment such as sweeps
• There are no guarantees, as with any intervention, but at the very least you will feel very relaxed.

Happy Birthing!

Jo, Ellen and Victoria


About Happy Soles Reflexology

Jo, Ellen and Victoria have combined Reflexology practise of over 30 years. We’re passionate about natural health care and love supporting women from fertility through to family and beyond. Our practise is based at Hove Natural Health Clinic, which was opened in 2015 to create a haven of calm in a comfortable, welcoming environment.