Reflexology works?

Among the many questions I’m regularly asked “does Reflexology really work?” is very high up the list. I suppose it really depends what’s meant by ”work”! If it means does Reflexology bring positive outcomes, such as people feel better and specific health issues go away, then yes, I believe it does!

Does Reflexology really work?

As a Reflexologist of over 10 years in practise, my clinical experience and that of my patients (who are happy to refer friends and family) tells me there’s definitely something in this Reflexology thing! The next most often asked question is “how does it work?” That’s not quite such an easy question to answer.

Reflexologist’s believe that the body is mapped onto the feet. And that by applying pressure to specific areas of the feet, balance is restored to that organ and unwanted symptoms can be relieved.

There are lots of theories out there, here are the top 3

Theory #1: Reflexology works with the central nervous system.

Research dating back to the 1890’s suggests that the application of pressure on the feet sends a calming message to the nervous system telling it to adjust tension, increase relaxation and support the optimal functioning of the internal organs and systems.

So in a nutshell it positively affects the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, immune, and neuropeptide systems in the body.

Theory #2: Reflexology reduces pain by reducing stress and improving mood.

This theory suggests pain is a ‘subjective experience created by your brain’ in response to feeling physical pain. But, it’s argued, the brain can also create pain in response to emotional factors.

By reducing stress and improving mood Reflexology can reduce pain.

Theory #3: Reflexology keeps the body’s “vital energy” flowing.

Explains that when the flow of energy is congested the body is out of balance, which can then lead to illness. Reflexology, it’s claimed can keep the energy flowing and the body in balance.

Whichever theory makes sense to you, go with it. Try Reflexology for yourself and enjoy whatever benefits it brings!


About Jo Hull

Jo has been practising Reflexology for over ten years. She’s passionate about natural health care and loves supporting women from fertility through to family and beyond. She works from Hove Natural Health Clinic, which she opened in 2015 to create a haven of calm in a comfortable, welcoming environment.