• Give your fertility a boost

Reflexology can support your fertility. Whether you’re considering parenthood for the first (or subsequent) time or have been trying for a while, reflexology can benefit you. It works with your body to restore balance and can help to create the right environment for conception.

As the Association of Reflexologists explains ‘on average about 50% of clients seeking help through reflexology for infertility, find themselves pregnant within 6 months of commencing treatment.’

Whether you are trying naturally or are having IVF, the balancing, calming effects of can help the body to overcome hormonal imbalances.According to Infertility Network UK (www.infertilitynetworkuk.com, 2008)

“Reflexology has a strong affinity with the hormonal system and can help to balance hormone production prior to your cycle. It is also deeply relaxing and can be used prior to embryo transfer to maximise nerve and blood supply via the uterine reflex.”

Of course there are no guarantees, as with any other medical intervention or therapy, but case studies have shown reflexology to be effective in helping the body to prepare for conception.

If you’re having trouble conceiving it’s also worth taking a look at other aspects of your life, even the basics, to give you the best possible chance. Simple things such as what you eat, how much you drink and how much exercise, can all have an impact on your fertility.


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