• Labour Priming for natural induction

Once your pregnancy is ‘full term’ labour priming methods are introduced to your treatment. At this time specialist techniques can be used to help support the natural induction of labour. These therapeutic techniques can be used gently from 37 weeks to promote and support you and your baby as you both prepare for birth.

As you head towards 40 weeks stronger stimulating techniques are introduced working on specific reflex areas to encourage a boost of energy and the onset of labour.

It is recommended that between one to three treatments are undertaken to benefit from the cumulative effect of reflexology. The minimum time between session is 24 hours.

Self-treatment techniques can be taught so that you can extend the benefits of your session at home.

Acupuncture can also be incorporated into induction treatments at your request and take 1 hour.

Of course, there are no guarantees, as with any other medical intervention or therapy, but case studies have shown reflexology to be effective in supporting the natural induction of labour.

Post natal

Following the birth of your baby your body begins a new period of adjustment. Reflexology is really beneficial for restorative relaxation.

The post natal period lasts up until 8 weeks by which time reproductive organs have returned to their pre pregnancy state. The optimum time for the first reflexology session is during the first 3 days following the birth. This can be a difficult time for you to have a session, but is the most important hormonally and so is encouraged if at all possible.

Your position can be adapted depending on your needs and baby can even lie on you during treatment. Techniques used can be varied depending on the kind of birth you experienced.

Reflexology can be effective in assisting the body through recovery and the new demands upon it.


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